Sam Hardy Band Reunited!

One of our residents, Edward Hardy, was recently re-united with his old jazz band for the first time in over twenty years. Edward Hardy is a very talented pianist who, before Christmas, captured the hearts of the nation with an appeal to find willing musicians to come and jam with him in the home. With some much appreciated help from local news outlets we managed to re-unite Edward’s original band members when they discovered that Edward was residing at Mellifont Abbey.


Edward was incredibly happy to be playing music again and the band rehearsals within the home brought happiness to all the residents, so with this in mind we asked Edward and the band if they would like put on a performance on the gardens of Mellifont Abbey. Edward seemed excited by the prospect of playing a live performance with his band for the first time in many years so we went ahead with the event, inviting members of the public and relatives of our residents. The gig was a huge success and made for a truly magical day for our residents and those who attended the event. A short feature film on Edward’s story published via Noisey is available for you to watch below!