Property Maintenance Works

Over the past few months our property development & maintenance team have been working on a complete refurbishment of various rooms in Mellifont Abbey. They have added a brand new TV lounge, with a walk in shower/wet room next door, with easy access for those of our residents with limited mobility. This has been finished to a 5 star level. The look of the room is very clean and fresh with some brightly coloured floral blinds to intertwine with the beautiful flowers of Mellifont Abbey’s grounds.

Tv Lounge under development

Finished Tv Lounge

We also have a new luxury bathroom which has been fitted with a state of the art bath on the ground floor that hasĀ been renovated to suit the needs of the residents, and also to enable the carers to carry out their duties more comfortably. The bath itself rises to waist height by remote and is fitted with a temperature gauge to monitor the temperature. The room is also fully covered in wipeable white rock making the bathroom a more hygienic environment.

State of the art Bath

The old dining room is undergoing a complete refurbishment with a fresh and modern looking design by Mellifont’s interior designer, Chloe Aldrich, which when finished will bring the home up to date giving it a modern and sophisticated look. This has been a major project for the home and we would like to thank the residents for remaining positive for co-operating and remaining their pleasant selves.

New Dining Room