Past Testimonials

In this post, we would like to share with you the testimonials we have received here at Mellifont Abbey over the years. We are extremely proud of these and feel that they are a testament to the personal service provided to our residents.

Dear all the staff at Mellifont Abbey,

Thank you for looking after my Grandma so beautifully. It means the world to me and my family to know that she is so well cared for by such lovely people. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. With love and kind regards, x

Dear Michele, Sarah and the lovely staff at Mellifont Abbey, thank you so much for my beautiful birthday cake and candles. It was so kind and thoughtful of you all and was such a wonderful surprise. I absolutely love stars, so you couldn’t have chosen anything better! I have kept the ribbon and candles from the cake and I will treasure them forever. It was so lovely when Sarah brought in the cake & my Grandma, and my presents, and sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

You are helping my Grandma so much and I have never seen her so happy. It meant so much to me what you did for me on Saturday, as you helped to make a very happy time with my Grandma that I will never forget. Thank you again, much love, x

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated what you are doing for mum. I know she can be very difficult and cantankerous so we do admire all the staff’s patience with her when she won’t take medicine or let them do necessary and essential things. Having tried for so long to look after her at home and I know exactly what you are up against! It is lovely to see how fond of her so many people at Mellifont are: it was very touching that so many gave precious time off to come to her party to help her celebrate her 100th birthday. Thank you all. Very best wishes.

X and Y would like to say thank you to you and your team for the care and understanding of P. You have guided him through his grief of my mothers passing and helped us as a family to cater for his needs. Yours sincerely X.

A resident’s daughter and son have been very complimentary about the home and have spoken very highly about management and all of the staff. They have all commented on the support we are giving their mother. They would like to thank us all.

D.G, a Social Worker, rang and said he had put a presentation to the panel and they were happy with G’s progress so they will continue to fund her another year from Somerset. D said when he saw G to give her a blood test she gave him a hug and a big smile and D said he hadn’t seen her look so well in the past 10 years and to thank our team and pass this on.

Today I spoke to a daughter of a resident staying here, she said that it’s so special what we do at Mellifont and when she comes to visit her mum it feels like she is coming home. L said it was her daughter’s birthday and she wanted to thank her grandmother R for the gift that she had given her.

L was coming in the morning on Friday to see her mum and I asked L if she would like to have lunch with her mum and afternoon tea and cake, L was delighted with this.

L said to me that she couldn’t thank me and my colleagues enough for the way that we look after R and what we do is magical here at Mellifont.

Today two Social Workers came to see X for a review of her care at Mellifont Abbey and to see how she has settled in. Both social workers were really pleased to see her looking so well and the difference in her whole persona. They explained that X’s behavior and anxiety was of a high level, therefore it was hard to find a care home placement that could care for her complex needs. After they both had seen her, they said they were lost for words, as she was so settled and happy and came across a different person to the one that they had known a few months ago. They said it was nice to witness a success story, and to have a good review report.

The social workers commented on how nice Mellifont Abbey was, and that it was lovely to come to a care home that felt homely, and was nice and quiet with a relaxed atmosphere.

They asked if Mellifont can cater for respite care, which I said we do. They said they will keep this in mind if need be for placements for future clients.