Please find some of our client testimonials listed below.

Organised Entertainer: A beautiful day to spend an afternoon in Wookey with a first time visit to Mellifont Abbey Residential Care Home.
The drive through Mark & Wedmore was stunning, all the beautiful farmhouses & Georgian style houses surrounded by blooming wysteria & elegant trees in there spring-blossom-gowns!
All of a sudden, the Sat Nav said, “You have reached your destination.” But I hadn’t! So, pulled into the car park of a local pub & called the Home. Luckily, I was only a stones throw away... had to turn down a small side road & a member of staff stood at the gates to wave me in!  Once passed the gorgeous, large wrought iron gates, what a view met me! I fell in love instantly, a cross between ‘I Capture The Castle’ & ‘Hogwarts’ 💕As the name would suggest, it is a former Convent and there is an air of calm & peace about the place!
The Activities Coordinator showed me in to the fabulous dinning room & introduced me to all the residents & the fury one came in from the garden for a cuddle too!
A mixed programme of songs, which the residents joined in with, accompanying me with the percussion instruments I took in my basket of tricks! Afterwards I was treated to tea & a tour & couldn’t help myself taking many pictures!  A really lovely Home with lovely carers, staff & residents, a joyful way to spend a sunny day, Looking forward to a return visit…!
(And I managed all this in new shoes!) 03/05/2018


Staff are really attentive and Knowledgeable about their residents. The home is clean homely & well decorated. When I arrived there was a resident playing the piano with a member of staff. Very personalised & demonstrates activities available for residents, I didn’t feel like I was in a Care Home. 10/05/2018 


Organised Entertainer: Thank you for standing in the gateway to show us the way & greet us on arrival! A wonderful visit to Mellifont. Great residents & staff thank you Activities Coordinator. 03/05/2018


Very friendly atmosphere, the place is always clean and tidy. 30/04/2018


Organised entertainer: Mellifont Abbey is a very pleasant place to visit the residents all seem very content and happy. They all sand along to the songs I played. 


We will be very sorry to see them leave Mellifont. The care etc here has been OUTSTANDING! 14/03/2018


Swan Advocacy member Visiting: I was impressed by the ‘buzz’ of the house as soon as i entered. It was a homely atmosphere/light  & bright. Residents that i saw looked content & well cared for. The group really enjoyed each others company and interacting. i felt its welcoming & friendly here at Mellifont. 22/02/2018


The care and attention given to my friend over the past 19 months has been outstanding. The staff are angels, patience and love. Thank you so much x 14/01/2018


Feedback from a Social Worker at Somerset County Council: I feel Mellifont Abbey is homely & has a friendly environment. Friends & family are always welcome here. I feel it has a good management team, trying hard to continually improve the quality of care. I have no concerns and happy to arrange permanent placement. 31/01/2018


A Senior Social employee to do a review meeting with a resident: I see here that there is clear evidence of staff being supportive of the residents, very person focused. Also very supportive of family members when they were upset. First time to Mellifont Abbey and I was very impressed. 30.01.2018


Having my mum in Mellifont gives us peace of mind that she is well cared for in a safe environment. 07.01.2018


Very Pleased to see my friend doing well, seems settled, health has improved-a pleasant start to the new year with a nice hair & beard cut. 07.01.2018

Dear all the staff at Mellifont Abbey,

Thank you for looking after my Grandma so beautifully. It means the world to me and my family to know that she is so well cared for by such lovely people. Have a wonderful christmas and a fantastic New Year. With love and kind regards, X Mrs Y granddaughter.


Dear Michele, Sarah and the lovely staff at Mellifont Abbey, Thank you so much for my beautiful birthday cake and candles. It was so kind and thoughtful of you all and was such a wonderful suprise. I absolutely love stars, so you couldn’t have chosen anything better! I have kept the ribbon and candles from the cake and I will treasure them forever. It was so lovely when Sarah brought in the cake and my Grandma and my presents sang “Happy Birthday” to me. You are helping my Grandma so much and I have never seen her so happy. It meant so much to me what you did for me on saturday as you helped to make a very happy time with my Grandma that I will never forget. Thank you again, much love, X Mrs Y Granddaughter.


Today two Social Workers came to see X for a review of her care as Mellifont and to see how X has settled in. Both Social Workers were really pleased to see X looking so well and the difference in her whole person. They explained that X’s behaviour and anxiety was of a high level, therefor it was hard to find a placement that could care for X’s complex needs. After they both had seen X, they said they were lost for words, as X was so settled and happy and came across a different person, to the one that they had known, a few months ago. They said it was nice to witness a success story, and to have a good review report.

The Social Workers commented on how nice Mellifont was, and that it was lovely to come to a home that felt homely, and was nice and quiet with a relaxed atmosphere.

They asked if Mellifont can cater for respite care, which I said we do. They said they will keep this in mind if need be for placements for future clients.

Sarah Davies Deputy Manager at Mellifont Abbey.


Today I spoke to a daughter of a resident staying here a Mellifont, she said that its so special what we do at Mellifont and when she comes to visit her mum it feels like we are coming home. L said it was her daughters birthday and she wanted to thank her grandmother R for the gift that she had given her.

L was coming in the morning on friday to see her mum and I asked L if she would like to have lunch with her mum and afternoon tea and cake, L was delighted with this.

L said to me that she couldn’t thank me and my colleagues enough for the way that we look after R and what we do is magical here at Mellifont.

Michele Aldrich Home Managing Director at Mellifont Abbey.


D.G a Social Worker rang and said he had put a presentation to the panel and they were happy with G progress so they will continue to find her another year from Somerset. D said when he saw G to give her a blood test she gave him a hug and a big smile and D said he hadn’t seen her look so well in the past 10 years and to thank our team and pass this on.

Michele Aldrich Home Managing Director at Mellifont Abbey


A residents daughter and son have been very complimentary about the home and have spoken very highly about management and all of the staff. They have all commented on the support we are giving there mother. They would like to thank us all.

Michele Aldrich Home Managing Director at Mellifont Abbey


X and Y would like to say thank you to you and your team for the care and understanding of P. You have guided him through his grief of my mothers passing and helped us as a family to cater for his needs. yours sincerely X.


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated what you are doing for mum. I know she can be very difficult and cantankerous so we do admire all the staff’s patience with her when she won’t take medicine or let them do necessary and essential things. Having tried for so long to look after her at home P and I know exactly what you are up against! It is lovely to see how fond of her so many people at Mellifont are: it was very touching that so many gave precious time off to come to her party to help her celebrate her 100th birthday.

Thank you all.

Very best wishes